Bohemian Finds goes Greener



At Bohemian Finds we take our commitment to minimise the environmental impact of our business very seriously.

Wherever possible we always look to source both ethically and sustainably, although we appreciate that there is still so much more that can be done in helping to offset our emissions and reduce the carbon footprint.

What is an offset?

Do you use airplanes? Do you use cars? Do you ever turn on the heating or air con? Do you order products online to be delivered regularly? Do you use hot water? Do you cook your food? 

We cannot avoid actions that emit carbon emissions. But, we can ensure that those actions are carbon neutral by recapturing those emissions by planting trees, maintaining rainforests, re-fertilizing the oceans or investing in carbon capture technology. All of these methods are carbon negative – they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

With this in mind, we have teamed up with Greenr to provide you with a way to offset the carbon footprint of your delivery. For a small charge we will purchase carbon credits to offset the delivery's carbon footprint and thereby ensure your delivery is as responsible as possible.

How does this work?

When you go through the payment checkout and you see the Greenr logo, all you need to do is opt in and we will add the offset to your checkout. 

Greenr allocates money equally amongst all of its projects around the world, with full transparency as to where your money is going. All projects have the highest classification of carbon credits under the Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, the UK Woodland Carbon Code and CCB Standards.

Currently they are also developing an app that will allow you (the consumer) choose the projects you feel the most strongly about. To find more out about these amazing projects, please head to their Greenr website

We are so excited to be playing our part and hope that you will join us in becoming a little greener too.

Vicky & Gretchen 💚💙💚