The Wardrobe Whisperer

Want to feel fabulous and excited about getting dressed up, but your wardrobe is a place of disarray and frustration?  This package offers a complete review of your entire closet and a fresh perspective on rejuvenating your own sense of style and awesomeness.


  • Wardrobe review and assessment
  • Closet organisation
  • Keep & re-purpose clothing
  • Visual photograph reminders for your wardrobe
  • Shopping recommendations

Wardrobe Review:

Have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear?  How many times have we all found ourselves uttering those fateful words, but no need to despair.

Your stylist will come to your home and assess your current wardrobe based on your personal tastes, personality and lifestyle. Within a few hours they will help you to create a "Keep" and "Donate" pile, show you how to mix and match interchangeable outfits and create the wardrobe that you truly deserve.  Armed with a camera and notebook, they will photograph every cool outfit put together and send to you as a visual reminder to hang in your wardrobe for reference.

They will then suggest a few "top-off" and on-trend purchases to really help you get the most out of your wardrobe!

In this fun and enlightening session, they will give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life, make it a place of inspiration and give you the confidence to really let your personality shine through. Our aim is simple, we want you to look and feel ‘simply fabulous’ darling! 

Oh and don’t forget to keep the kettle boiling… we love to drink tea… and lots of it!

Approx: 3 hours

Cost: £180.00 

Personal Shopping add-on: includes all of the above plus your stylist will take you on a shopping trip to help you pick out some new pieces to add to your wardrobe. Please contact us for a revised price.