50's Photoshoot at Westone Hotel Northampton

Westone Hotel Photo Shoot

Lockdown has been extremely difficult for everyone, but just before everything went tits up, we were lucky enough to squeeze one last collaboration in with the very talented Nils from Fotopositief Photography and Miss Powderpuff Parlour herself, Vicky Stuart. 

I'd driven past the Westone Hotel so many times and never given it a second thought, so was so surprised to see how beautiful if was both inside and out.

As always we keep it real and were lucky enough to be supported by our stunning models/customers who are always up for a bit of pampering, playing dress up and lots of posing and giggles. 

Vicky worked her magic and with hair and makeup immaculate, we started to explore all the nooks and cranny's the hotel had to offer. We were aiming for satorial elegance and our models certainly rose to the challenge.

We didn't know it was going to be our last shoot for a while, but what a great day we had.  We're itching to get back out on location... has anyone got any suggestions for our next one?

Models: Lisa Ivans, Tammy Adams & Abbie Fenn
MUA & Hair: Vicky Stuart

Photography: Nils at Fotopositief Photography





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