Celebrating Northampton Pride 2019 with Bohemian Finds

Northampton Pride 2019 🏳️‍🌈

Those who know us will realise what an honour it was for us to be asked to take part in the Northampton 2019 Pride celebrations on the Market Square on Saturday 18th May.

We took on one of the biggest challenges yet... dressing and styling 21 of our lovely customers in preparation for a mini fashion show on centre stage.

It was an amazing fun day and we’d like to say a big thank you to our local Council, everyone involved behind the scenes and of course to our fabulous customers, who were the perfect brand Ambassadors for Bohemian Finds and did us proud.

Northampton’s support for our LGBT community, whilst also supporting local businesses and other movements was truly heart- warming. Unfortunately, COVID-19 prevented it taking place this year, but we hope to help plan an even bigger celebration in 2021.

Did you see us there… were you part of it? Would you like to become involved in next year’s event?

Vicky & Gretchen Xx

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