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4th May 2011 
Realising your dreams! 
We all have dreams and sometimes dreams come true. Well that’s the way it has been for me. 
All through my life aspirations have waxed and waned. Jobs have become mundane, but when you have commitments beggars can’t be choosers. However, one thing has remained constant outside my family; my passion for the clothing industry. Boutiques, back alley shops, flea markets, Petticoat Lane, Portobello Road, South Molton Street, local markets, Brick Lane, etc. etc. and very occasionally the High Street! This is where my lifeblood is, as I search for that something special….and if you search long enough, the price is right! And that’s the way it has to be, otherwise the sense of satisfaction is missing. 
‘Bohemian Finds’ is the name of my online website. I suppose it has emerged from years of rummaging through ‘bohemia’ and all it stands for, and what I find there. My dream has been to own my back street boutique with my fashions that I can hopefully share with anyone with similar taste. Something for everyone, you know the kind of thing. 
Unfortunately I can’t afford the boutique….yet! But this is definitely the first step. So we will see where this takes us. 
All of you out there who own clothing websites are thinking ‘Good luck to that!’ 
Wow! This is hard work, time consuming, but I am loving every moment and the husband can learn to make dinner!! 
I have literally watched ‘Bohemian Finds’ emerge from my dreams. 
My first shoot… What a day! Blood pumping, nerve jangling and me acting and directing like I know what I am doing! Actually organisation has definitely been the key and combined that with detailed preparation we came through ok….the garden location with its natural and retro backgrounds seemed to work. The make up was a pain ‘cos girls will be girls, but I was one once so I understand!! The photographer was brilliant giving the girls direction and working to a schedule, she really got into the swing of things. The girls were fabulous, the day was freezing, but they never complained. When lunch time came I was thinking of the order to the local sushi bar…none of that! Pizzas all round…and they ate the lot including that hot one with the jalepenos!!! It was a fun day and everyone bought into, so smiles all round and no stress…I can wear that! 
Next stage is to have the photo shoot on the mannequins in the studio. I am not sure about this, the girls give the clothes their essence and personality that I hope to portray…on the plus side the mannequins do not have an opinion on everything!!! 
Job done! Website build is in progress…heard that before but I am not a techy, as you can see because I don’t know how to spell it either!! Now we have to populate the site and check all the descriptions, this will take time. Just been told I can’t have the opening page to my website I wanted, doesn’t comply with the power of ‘google.’ Well like facing the Borg I have been ‘assimilated’ ‘cos ‘resistance is futile’…otherwise I will be the only person reading this!!! And I do it for you! 
Future Plans 
Just want to mention this now while it is on my mind…do you, like me, know anyone who designed their own outfits and costumes in their head, but never had the opportunity to show them…. Yeah! Like me, every time you look in the mirror!!! 
I am going to throw a page open on my website in time dedicated to those who want the opportunity, students etc… The ‘Dejanira Line’ with a silent ‘j’. She married and conquered Hercules…To put it out there you have to be brave and bold, so this will be their opportunity…So watch out for this in time to come, now you could buy something totally unique, never seen before!! Got you salivating…now you have to wait, but I promise to keep you updated.  
Gretchen xxx 
Contemporary can be just as cool as vintage! 
Not quite the Ritz but nobody seems to care ... 
A big thanks to all the girls who gave up their time to take part in the shoot and especially to Holly Batchelder who did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the girls from behind the camera lens. Holly is currently studying photography at Northampton College.  
Also to Alicia Cubitt who was instrumental in making sure the day ran smoothly and for her unique take on staging the garden so successfully. 
Tamara gets to grips with the whole vintage theme 
Just because I like this photo! 
Who's eaten all the Pepperoni? 
Modelling is such hungry work! 
The girls change under the watchful eye of Mrs P!! 
Bohemian Finds, 16A Market Walk Shopping Centre, Northampton NN1 2DP | Tel: 01604 621863 
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